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Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid -

Mark Rashid (pronounced RASH-id) is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse’s point of view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force. He began working with horses at age ten, when he met the “old man,” who taught him to work with horses, not against them, and to listen to what the horse is trying to say. Mark’s clinics center on one-on-one work with horse and rider and are immensely popular with people around the world.

Mark Rashid Clinic at Journey Horses Farm


Dave Siemens - AVCA Chiropractor -

Dr. David Siemens is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa . He is also certified in the Zahourek System (creating the equine musculature structure in clay from the inside out on a model horse). Dr. Siemens has a real love for animals, especially dogs and horses. He first started working on animals in 1988 and later attended the charter course of Options for Animals and the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association where he received his post-graduate training and certification in animal chiropractic.

Dr. David Siemens


Kathleen Lindley

Kathleen Lindley -

Kathleen grew up in the American Midwest, where, by the time she was in her early teens, she was showing in hunter/jumper competitions. She began teaching riding when she was 16, guiding friends to 4-H victories and working summers at hunter/jumper camps. Upon her graduation from high school, Kathleen worked professionally as a hunter/jumper trainer, teaching juniors and amateurs and riding hunters and jumpers on the Midwestern "B" and "A" circuits. She studied and worked with Mark Rashid for several years during which time she wrote her first book.


Mark Russell

Mark Russell is a classical trainer who has relocated his services to Eastern Tennessee after serving Texas, Florida, and New England horse owners for over thirty years. His career began with riding and training Western performance horses in the 1960's. Some years later Mark incorporated dressage into the training experience which inspired him to examine the origins of classical horsemanship and the writings of the "old masters". As a result Mark came to view dressage as essential to all horse training, regardless of riding discipline, and incorporated its fundamental exercises into his own program.

Mark Russell


James Shaw

James Shaw -

James Shaw combines the mechanics of how the human and equine bodies were designed to move with the bio-mechanics of martial arts to create his unique Tai Chi for Equestrians program. Using arts dated from the ancient Chinese Ching Dynasty, when the elite royal soldiers were trained in both riding and Tai Chi, he teaches riders to understand and master the flow of energy through balance and intent. He approaches horse and rider as one organic whole. Working with some of the top riders in Southern California, he has developed individual systems to help equestrians improve their riding.