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Calendar of Clinics and Events -- 2015

PLEASE Note! We have very limited resources for boarding horses at our place and will NOT exceed 7 horses per day boarded on the property. We WILL allow folks to trailer their horses in for the Aikido/Horsemanship rider portion if they are participating as full day students. There are a couple of local equestrian facilities that may be able to board your horse for you that are only minutes away. We simply do not have the room for more than the seven outside horses for turnout or stabling!

Personal Instruction at Clinics
Mark Rashid at Clinic

 Mark Rashid Clinics 
Horsemanship - One on One format
June 26 - 28, 2015
at The Journey Horses Farm, 56 Beebe River Rd, Campton, NH 03223 - Directions

Clinic fee is $750 per rider includes board, morning coffee and snacks and lunch for riders only. Auditors are welcome-$30 fee for auditing

A $250 deposit is required to secure your spot in the 3 day clinic. (Deposits are due by May 15)


June 28 - July 2, 2015 Aikido/Horsemanship Clinic group clinic at The Journey Horses Farm, 56 Beebe River Rd, Campton, NH 03223 - Directions

Group meets in the AM for Aikido exercises in the Dojo After lunch, riders will ride as a group together to work on what they were introduced to in the Dojo and how that work relates to their horsemanship.

There will be extra spots for Aikido students ONLY in this clinic. Up to twelve students allowed in the Dojo! Seven students will be allowed to also ride in the afternoon.

If you are local enough to trailer in with your horse instead of board at The Journey Horses Farm, we will accept up to 10 riders in the afternoon.

The fees are as follows for Aikido/Horsemanship:
Aikido/Horsemanship - Boarding at The Journey Horses Farm - $800 clinic fee
Aikido/Horsemanship - Trailering into the farm - $750 clinic fee
Aikido ONLY in the AM and Auditing in the afternoon - $550 for the three days.
All day long fees include morning coffee and snacks as well as lunch.

There will be NO AUDITING allowed except for those Aikido participants who are not riding in the afternoon.
NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule!

A $250 deposit is required to secure your spot in the 5 day clinic. (Deposits are due by May 15)

Crissi will be available for 4 hours a day for private lessons. $80 and hour paid directly to Crissi.

Email me at with questions or call me at 603-726-6050

Clinic payment and cancellation policy: Unless otherwise stated, ALL clinics require a $250 deposit to schedule a rider slot. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the slot is resold. There is also a 15% cancellation fee that will be charged regardless if the slot is sold or not. Full payment for the clinic is required before 30 days of the clinic date. A rider slot is not confirmed until payment is made in full. At 30 days, any unpaid slot will be sold to the next person on the wait list and your deposit will be returned minus the 15% cancellation fee. If we cannot sell your slot, your entire deposit will be forfeited.

Mark Rashid Clinic at Journey Horses Farm, NH
Mark Rashid Clinic at Journey Horses Farm, NH

To or get more information about a clinic you can phone 603-726-6050.
To register for a clinic email Tim at

Clinic Payment and
Cancellation Policy

Local Lodging

Rebel Ridge Farm
Anthony, FL

Deer Creek Farm
Thornton, NH

The Journey Horses Farm
Campton, NH

Clinic Report:
The Aikido for Horsemen clinic in May was a resounding success! Everyone had a wonderful learning experience and we all look forward to the next set of sessions! Many folks in the May session were repeat participants. Learning the Horseman Katas and putting them to practice was enlightening and fun!

Quotes from participants:
"Aikido for horsemanship did indeed help me connect with my horse in a much deeper, fuller and safer way. It also helped me appreciate not just my horse but everything in my surroundings."

"Starting with the first class I found myself making profound changes in my life that have carried over into profound changes in my health. I don't want to put things into my life or body that are not in balance. When people see me they'll comment that I look good or ask if I lost weight."

"The balance in Aikido has carried into my relationships as well. When my stepdaughter has a meltdown rather than escalate into higher emotions I lower my energy for emotional balance and the situation quickly dissipates. When my fiancé says something I disagree with, I don't have to be right or prove a point like I might have in the past."

"I'm proud of the physical work I was able to accomplish in the dojo with Sensei Mark and Crissi. It has reawakened my desire to use my body at a higher level of health and activity."

"Thank you Mark and Crissi.- I like the 3 day clinic format. It allows a lot of time to cover many topics, but is not too invasive on work/life."

"I think it’s great that Mark keeps moving through various exercises. Time to learn something, but enough variety not to get bored or spend too much time on one thing if you don’t like it (like for me, the rolling)."

"I like that Mark challenges us, but always seems to know when it’s time to move on. I never feel pressured to do something that I think is too much, but I’m encouraged to challenge myself. You can’t learn if you don’t go some place a little uncomfortable (outside your comfort zone, so to speak). Mark and Crissi do a great job of taking us there, but allowing it be easy."

"I really like the fact that a lot of what we worked on was relatable to our horsemanship and I think that Mark did a great job of helping us see that."

"I know I said it was obvious, but I want to emphasize that the camaraderie with the other participants is one of the real highlights of the clinic for me. Everyone has been so kind and fun – and it’s interesting to see others’ journeys."